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History of Sri Palla Venkanna Garu

Sri Palla Venkanna garu was born 01.07.1938 in Kadiyam to Srimathi.Satyavathi and Sri.Narayya, a small farmer with a small bit of 3 acres land in which normal cultivation of paddy used to been done.

Sri Venkanna garu was affected by polio in childhood and never walked without assistance of another close person and so faced many hardships even to routine. But he got zeal to assist his father even as sitting in the field and learnt a lot in grafting and producing new verities of plants. He used to obtain and graft hybrid verities of good yielding plants of mango, sapota, lime, coconut etc. As was learnt from his father from the childhood and so restlessly moved on bicycles with the help of closed persons and thus distributed them to farmers in and around kadiyam. After some years, he used to procure good verities of seedlings and distribute to all local farmers with the assistance of close persons who helped him by taking him on bicycle. Due to his difficulty to get married, owing to physically handicap, all the brothers got the properties distributed among themselves leaving a bit of ½ acre to him. Due to his interested performance most of the other farmers inspired and they also brought good nurseries in quality and quantity. Subsequently he improved his nursery in the name of his parents as “Sri Satyanarayana Nursery Gardens” and purchased a car, extended his skills and exported to Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala and rest of the country.

As the days passed on, Sri Venkanna garu strived without sleep and include his land by plantations of different verities of plants, Creepers and such other verities not available locally. Thus the land turned heaven of good nursery seedlings for the local farmers. He helped all and got the blessings of god. The ½ acre basic nursery is now a centre of the state and even to the adjoining states and far of states throughout India with a wide area of 150 acres full of fragrance and beauty. Amidst this history in presenting beauty to the state, Sri Venkanna garu is not only a self rising intellectual but he is so kind man and as such he trained several people who got inspirations in his own noble line and they also developed nurseries around the state. All the other 650 nurseries in and around Kadiyam were only outcome of his technical, inspirational and moral support. The credit of all developments towards environmental friendly and making an industry goes to Sri Palla Venkanna garu is a simple truth beyond any doubt. This beauty of earth is gaining fame for film shootings from long back nearly 150 films of various Indian languages have fetched beautiful scenes here.

Though the greatness brought forth as above belongs to him, Sri Palla Venkanna garu is a simple man of low living with high thoughts of work as worship. He simply wore knickers and local made khaddar clothing and never lose the tact and temper combined with life taken as boon against physical drawback. At several instances at the occasions of awards up to a fellow ship from ISOH, he expressed when questioned as to why latest callipers and suitable high quality dress were not utilized to cover polio affected stature, he simply proclaimed that any depressed healthy persons facing hardships should see his polio-twisted-legs and supporting stick and learn to get all supports from the hardships themselves. He also expressed his inner soul by saying that any little help to dog and a little water to plant will turn as a fruit of faithfulness by remembering his father’s repeated words a dog and a plant are equal in faith fullness. To facilitate educated customers countrywide and globally his nursery has since opened websites 1, www.pallavenkannanursery.com 2, www.pallavenkannanursery.net 3, www.srisatyanarayananurserygardens.com. It is also time to appraise of the fact that Sri Palla Venkanna garu is a man of integrity but not diversity and as such he and his 3 sons and all families are living united without any selfish desires to establish separate families and the integration stands for decades to go.

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